Does your order require a special design mix, slump, color, fiber (plastic or metal), an accelerant or retardant? Are you pumping horizontally, or vertically? Augusta Ready Mix can help you make the right choices.

Lightweight Structural Concrete

This is a low density concrete. It still has a 28 day compressive strength of 3000 PSI or higher, but weighs 1/3 of normal conventional high density concrete. (Conventional concrete weighs 140 to 150 pounds per cubic foot.) Lightweight concrete is used for upper level floors or roofs.

High Strength Concrete

Concrete that has a specified compressive strength of 6000 psi or more. Admixtures are widely used to produce high-strength concrete. Significant increases in concrete compressive strength, hardening rate, accelerated strength gain, workability and durability can be achieved by selecting appropriate admixtures.

Color Concrete

We offer a wide range of special color mixtures for both architectural and commercial applications. Standard color pigments include 14 different colors; however, custom color matching services are available.

Fly Ash

The use of fly ash in concrete reduces the amount of water required for a given slump. This results in achieving desired strengths with less drying shrinkage and plastic cracking. In addition, fly ash also enhances pumpability, workability, and durability.

Water Reducing Admixtures

We offer different water reducing admixtures for different applications. All of which assist in the production of high-quality, low slump concrete such as that used in residential and commercial curb, gutter, wall, etc.

Set Time Accelerators

Calcium chloride is an additive used in applications where a short set time is desired due to weather or other need. Based upon the percentage of calcium used, it is possible to achieve 3000 psi in as little as five hours. Highway repair is one of the most common applications.

Fiber Reinforced Concrete

The addition of fiber to the mix can provide effective secondary reinforcement for shrinkage crack control. Fiber reinforced concrete also reduces construction cost by eliminating the labor and equipment cost associated with the placement of wire mesh. Unlike wire mesh, fiber reinforced concrete is corrosion resistant and reinforced against shattering, abrasion, and water migration.

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